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Vedic Calendar
This week in the Vedic Calendar
with Dr. Rod Eason.

Susan Anderson "Thanksgiving Special"
mp3 45 min, 13 mb

"Freewill and Determinism, Dr. Sam Boothby"
(mp3 51 min, 14.7mb)

Dr. Keith Wallace


Dr. Keith Wallace, Dean, Maharishi College of Perfect Health, and Founding President, Maharishi University of Management, ` addresses the First Continental World Peace Assembly at M.U.M. Oct. 20,1994.

The talk was drawn from his course "Maharishi's Wisdom of Life : Bliss and Power"

(mp3 64 min, 18 MB )

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Shivkumar Sharma on Santoor
News and facts about Maharishi Gandharva Veda music, the label inspired by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to promote pure Gandharva music, the eternal music of Nature, for deep relaxation, integration of body and mind, and to neutralize stress in the environment.

New! Transcendental Meditation Blog.
Find news, videos, stories and other interesting articles about the Transcendental Meditation technique and about people who practice it.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi "Bhagavad Gita" readings by: Dr. Vernon Katz and Dr. Mike Tomkins.  Hosted by Dr. Judy Booth.  For more, see the schedule for days and times

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Listen to highlights of the Winter Celebration and the surprising accomplishments at MUM, the Maharishi School, and Maharishi Vedic City this past season.

Winter Celebration - mp3 1 hr, 6 min, 18.9 MB

Listen to Dr. Peter Freund talk on St. Joseph of Cupertino and the parallels to Maharishi's Sidhis program in relation to program in the Dome. Flying is all about Bliss. This talk was sponsored by the MUM Ultimate Flying Club.

St. Joseph of Cupertino - mp3 1 hr, 17.1 MB

Poet, author, and long time Invincible America course participant Emanuel (Emo) Baer delights us with poetry and stories from his vast treasury of wisdom and experience.

Emo Baer and daughter Naomi - mp3 26 min, 7.47 MB

Join Rajeswari Dr. Candace Badgett, Dr. Peter Scharf, Dr. David Scharf and moderator Dean Cathy Gorini in a lively informative interview on the upcoming World Vedic Studies (WAVES) conference titled Vedic Living in a Modern World.

Vedic Living in a Modern World - mp3 38 min, 10.7 MB

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