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Special Message of Peace from Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam

Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam has a powerful video message of how real peace can be created for the world. Let’s share this message with all our friends on social media so that it spreads far and wide.

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"Making Bridges to Peace - A Humanitarian Approach" by Dr. Kevin Cahill, MD was the event held May 20 in Dalby Hall at MUM in which this extraordinary humanitarian received the prestigious Maharishi Award.

Yogic Flying Competition - Hear members of the Yogic Flying Club — Mustafa Nuristani, Dimitrios Karasis, and Andrew Rushing — discuss the event's relevance in the world today and how you can come and enjoy it. Held May 15 at 2 PM in the Men's Dome.

Susan Watterson Poetry - Shared at the April Full Moon Celebration, her poetry was inspired by her close association with Maharishi and the knowledge he brought out during those years.

Enlightened Leadership International - Mustafa Nuristani on the upcoming international teacher training course and other opportunities for those who wish to participate in the Enlightened Leadership International movement.

Raja Ram on Paris - Raja Ram speaks on the unfortunate event in Paris in November 2015, and what can be done from the angle of Vedic knowledge to create peace and harmony.

Buddhist Monk Chogyal Rinpoche - Chogyal Rinpoche visied MUM in December and speaks to us about his practices.

Pulse Reading with Andrew Stenberg - The fascinating course is the topic of discussion with Andrew Stenberg, Stan Stansberry and Mary Leete.

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